Window Tint

We do commercial, residential, and automotive window tint, using a varity of films to fit your needs. Whether you need security film, UV protection, glare control, heat reduction, or a combination, we have a range of high quality options for you. We’re professionals familiar with all Tennessee laws and requirements for automobile tint.

There are a wide variety of window tint film options available. Set up an appointment so we can find the best solution for your needs and budget.


We’re experienced in all makes and models, and have specialized in high end cars, classics and exotics for nearly 15 years. You can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands. All automotive films are high quality and American made. We carry films from entry level for privacy and 99% UV protection, through to one of 3 different infrared rejecting films for the ultimate in heat rejection and clarity available from window film.

Commercial and Residential Solar control

Solar control films can lower energy costs and pay for themselves faster than you might believe. Your space has magnifying glasses all around soaking up the heat during summer, allowing cold in during winter, and intensifying the sun’s damaging UV rays on your interior all year round. Even the best curtains and blinds still allow damaging rays and heat to be magnified and rise up inside you space. Window film will actually protect your blinds and curtains by stopping those harmful rays before they ever enter the building. Window film can allow you to open windows that always remain covered due to the elements. You will no longer have worries of damaging rays harming floors, artwork, and furniture. Window film can reduce eyestrain by reducing the amount of direct glare and on screens. Most importantly, your thermostat will no longer battle the elements, which will allow for more comfort, efficiency, and even temperature control throughout your space. Contact now for free on site consultation!

Decorative Films and Frost

There are thousands of ways to use decorative films to make a space unique. Frosted films are designed to imitate etched glass quickly and without the enormous cost. These films allow natural sunlight to pass through, while giving complete privacy. There are endless possibilities with our custom design software and cutting plotter. We offer a full line of security, frosted, etched, gradient, colored, distortion, patterned, stained glass, textured, wall vinyls, holiday themed, projection, dry erase, chalkboard, bird safety, anti graffiti, mosaic, rice paper, temporary clings, camo, 3M Fasara, woodgrain, LED screen cloaking film, and even smart PDLC film that gets wired to a remote to go from clear, to frosted in an instant.

Paint Protection

Ever watch the track view shots on racetracks and see all the flying debris as the cars go by? This happens on our everyday roads as well. Race teams spend thousands of dollars on their cars’ paint or wraps. They protect them with PPF so they don’t have to repaint or wrap after every single race. That same technology is available to you here.

Drive with confidence knowing you are protected from the damaging rocks, sand, bugs, and other various flying road debris. Whether your vehicle is a brand new purchase, a lease, or a fresh repaint, don’t take the chance of losing that investment to a careless dump truck driver. This film is an invisible barrier that extends the life of your paint job while protecting it from minor road debris and making it easier to clean off insects and salt.¬†With thousands of vehicles protected over the last decade and a half, take confidence that the experience necessary to beautifully protect your investment is hard at work here at Nashville Tint & Vinyl.



We offer a full line of color change wrap services. Most hard surfaces can be wrapped to match your dream build. Everything, from a couple of trim pieces inside the car, to hoods and roofs through to the entire vehicle, can be done in your choice of thousands of different color and finish combinations. Wheels, trim, shocks and underbody parts, taillights and side markers, spoilers, mirrors, accessories, phones, tablets, laptops, keyfobs–just about anything you can think of can be wrapped. There are thousands of solid colors and printed designs available; there’s limitless customization with options that include gloss, satin, matte, color flip, chrome, textured, stone, woodgrain, reflective, luminescent, and holographic vinyl.


We can design, produce, and install any cut vinyl graphic or decal to your specifications. From a single decal, to design, production, and installation of custom graphics on a whole fleet, we are here to help.

All of our services begin with a free, in-person consultation. Email us at to set one up today!